Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting an EC2 Instance with an Admin User Using Pallet

At my new day job today, I learned the hard way that if you're using Pallet to create an EC2 instance, and you want to use its automated-admin-user crate (which authorizes the user running the crate to login on the new instance via SSH using your RSA key), you really *really* want to run that crate during the :bootstrap phase. Running during the :configure phase does not seem happy using my current configuration of Pallet version 0.6.4 and jclouds version 1.0.0. Here's the relevant Clojure snippet:
(require 'pallet.core)
(require 'pallet.phase)
(require 'pallet.crate.automated-admin-user)

(def server-spec
:node-spec node-spec
:phases {:bootstrap (pallet.phase/phase-fn (pallet.crate.automated-admin-user/automated-admin-user))}))
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