Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear RVM: It's Not Me. It's You.

Dear Ruby Version Manager,

It's over. I tried. But I just can't do it any more. I though I could let you back into my life after that unfortunate 'sudo gem install rvm' spat we had on our first date. That's on me. But even after I moved you into my home directory, you still couldn't make it work.

I wanted it to work. Really, I did. I mean, a chance to have an open relationship with multiple Ruby's, all painlessly and seamlessly installed and switchable through you? Who wouldn't want that?

But you just couldn't handle my prior relationship with my self-compiled, self-installed /usr/local/bin/ruby, could you? I mean, you ... you ... it hurts just to type it ... you hijacked my $PATH, RVM! You locked me out of my gems! I mean, they weren't all switchable and fancy and all, they were just plain gems, but they were my gems, you know? How was I supposed to trust you after that?

Was it jealousy? Was it ignorance? I guess I'll never really know.

But -- for now at least -- I have to give you up. I have to lash myself to the mast of my virtual Argo, and forego your sweet, seductive siren song.

It's a pity. We could've been something, you and me.