Monday, June 09, 2008

WWDC Keynote 2008: Are You Kidding Me?

iPhone and the .Mac replacement: About two full hours.

Next-gen Mac OS (10.6 -- "Snow Leopard"): About 10 seconds (a brief announcement that it's being discussed in an afternoon session with Bertrand Serlet).

New Mac hardware (e.g., the rumored Mac tablet): 0 seconds.

Mac hardware updates (e.g., the rumored laptop redesign/s): 0 seconds.

"One-More-Thing": 0 seconds.

I'm just waiting for this announcement from Cupertino:
Apple Inc. (formerly-and-clearly-no-longer Apple Computer Inc.) proudly announces the obliteration of any computer-related product from its catalog. Going forward, the laptop computer formerly known as the "MacBook Air" will be known as the "iPhone Maxi"*. And the segment-dominating laptop computers formerly known as the "MacBook" and "MacBook Pro" will be renamed the "iPhone Big-n-Bulky"* and "iPhone Bigger-n-Bulkier"*.

*iPhone cell phone functionality not included.


fabrizio giudici said...


The problem is with us: we should just stop buying Apple gear. For what concerns myself, in the last year I've only bought from Apple the things I can't buy elsewhere, such as replacement power supply and battery. My laptop should be replaced in 2009, after three years of service. I'm seriously evaluating the idea of not buying another Apple - but, seriously, at the moment I don't see a lot of options.

David Rupp said...

"I'm seriously evaluating the idea of not buying another Apple" -- now that's just crazy talk! :-)

No, I'm still a fanboy. I just wish there'd been more of substance to this keynote. Hardcore Mac substance, that is.