Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun With Scala: Liftweb Getting Started

Job one: checking out and Eclipsify-ing lift.

The instructions at the CircleShare lift blog are still current up to a point, at least as far as the prerequisites are concerned. I'm running from trunk, so my source code checkout was a little different:
svn co

After that, the available instructions need a little (ahem) updating.

For a quick look at the kinds of things you can do with lift, run mvn install in the liftweb (top level) directory to build everything. When that's done, cd sites/project_name, where project_name is one of example, hellolift, or skittr. From there, run mvn jetty:run to start a Jetty web server running on some port on localhost. At this writing, example and hellolift run on port 8888, while skittr runs on 8889. Don't ask me why.

You can also mvn install individual projects if you want, but I don't see any harm in building them all in one shot.

To Eclipsify, make sure you have the Scala Development Tools plugin installed, then run mvn eclipse:eclipse in the project you want to be able to work with in Eclipse. You can do this for the lift source code itself (under the liftweb/lift subdirectory), or any of the example projects (liftweb/sites/project_name where project_name is as above).

Happy Lifting!

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